A story...

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A story...

Post by Faybro » Tue May 04, 2010 8:45 pm

Didn't know where to post. This has all happened, and I wrote this straight from my memories, so, please bear with the lack of editing and revising.

"Oh hell..." Faybro thought to himself. He was being driven back from the hospital, where he suffered a plant potter related wound on his foot. He realized three things in retrospect. 1: Do NOT try to "pretend" kick the plant potter, especially if it is on stilts on the slick grass. 2: The hospital should hire a better anaesthetist, as the anaesthesia kicked in on the very last stitch. 3: It shouldvle been very obvious that his father was kidding when he said, "Yep, you won't be able to run at all the entire summer, and it'll still be awhile before you can walk, swim, bathe..." whereas I bathed the second night, walked the third, walked fully after a week, and everything was 100% normal within a month.

But, within those three days, a life changing thing can happen. Faybro searched "Halo MMORPG", bored with Halo and RuneScape, and wanting a mix. He came across a browser RPG called Halo Crusades. (Now War of Creation since Microsoft shut them down)

It was fun while it lasted. Faybro quickly became rather strong, and found the game had a deep, dark history. The older members were corrupt and in cahoots with the also corrupt mods. The mods simply weren't... Balanced. A new player gets banned permanently for overpriced items, whereas a veteran would get a mute, or even a warning. Whether this was from biased opinions or different tastes in thew mods, it does not matter.

Anyways, Faybro had a strong gut feeling when he went to the clans page. He didn't know that they were in an order, and Spartans of the Infernal seemed like a great choice. Faybro applied, acting upon a strong gut feeling that he felt only once before. That gut feeling saved his life before, so, perhaps this gut feeling has good intentions too...

Faybro quickly moved up in clan ranks. He did graphics for free, much to the clans liking. A few other signature makers were a bit angry at Faybro - custom signatures for free for SotI (Spartans of the Infernal) and preset sigs for the rest. All free. Some people lost money, as they made theirs making people pay for sigs.

Faybro would make money and donate it and repeat. He would fight for the SotI, keeping them in the #1 place.

However, acting against gut feelings, Faybro was banned. I will not say why, as the details are... Well, to fully understand, I would have to get into very deep details. However, I will say that on Jan 13th, 2010, Faybro fully understood this: The mods hated him. The veterans hated him. In that game, that was all that mattered, despite the fact that the newer players were quite sad to see him go.

About a month past. Faybro was more active on RS, but... It was boring. He had never been in a clan for very long before. He searched for clans. None appealed to him. Then, he saw T P L. [Sucking up]He has never seen such a friendly looking clan before.[/Sucking up] He signed up, and regretted it later. "I'll never be able to keep up with these wars... Christ... So many events... Man, I hope these guys learn to spell better eventually." Faybro thought. He realized, however, that they were fighting something. You don't say, "Oh dear, it appears K'ril Tsutsaroth has responded. Let's attack it, shall we?" No, you say "pil zam boss".

Then Faybro felt the same gut feeling he mentioned before. It had one strong notion: Stay. And Faybro did. Faybro was actually happy. He was surprised to see his first event go so well, the clan to be so smooth... Not corrupt, not condescending, and just a little bit of sexual lulz to go along. Faybro then understood one thing.

This was the SotI of RuneScape. The brotherhood. The group of friends who help you, and in turn, you help them. Wait, not friends. A family.

"What did I first do for the SotI? My weekly donations of gp and fighting for clan exp have much less effect... Ah, I know!" Faybro clicked the dusty icon of The GIMP and set to work for an icon. IT SUCKED. He tried again. IT SUCKED. And again. IT SUCKED.

And then, inspiration struck him like a ton of bricks. You don't expect this kind of crap to happen. But, with ease, Faybro finally made the icon. This didn't seem so big, but, he realized, people loved it. Suddenly, have was getting called on to make graphics. It was awesome.

However, it overwhelmed him and his computer. He promised avatars. Portraits. Signatures. However, with schoolwork and several smaller stressful things on top of that... Hours of work lost... Toast. Gone.

And, so, a brief summary of my life, starting from Summer 2008. (Seriously, I cut my foot open THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER. I JUST GOT OUT OF SCHOOL AND CUT MY FOOT OPEN.)
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Re: A story...

Post by Malkariss » Wed May 19, 2010 4:57 am

I am going to be honest with you bro, I read 1 paragraph and gave up, sorry hahaha!

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