The Fall

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The Fall

Post by Moroku » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:13 am

The Fall

Here we lie, frozen in time,
Our corpses littering the earth in a quilt of the dead.
Long had we toiled here, against all odds,
Trying, in vain, to hold back the invisible barrage of the enemy,
An incredible force which tears through us and lingers long after.
We were no match for this cold-hearted destruction,
A nameless hell which pounds against us, again and again,
Remorselessly ripping us apart in both body and mind.
It is not this pain which chills me the most:
I think often of those who will come after us,
And I know full well they will share the same terrible fate.
As life ebbs from my body, I take comfort in what will happen afterwards,
Taught to me by countless ancestors:
I know I will be taken,
Picked up to be admired by a curious being,
Not because of the circumstances of my death,
But to revel in my beauty which was preserved by it.
For my colours do indeed shine bright,
Bleeding forth onto the earth in the name of a purpose long forgotten.

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Re: The Fall

Post by FlamesofwarX » Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:50 pm

Gruesome, but I liked it. I'd be glad to read some more of your works.

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