Fathers lies

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Fathers lies

Post by Tri Poc » Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:24 am

My father graduated high school at 16. He worked his ass of for two years and had little time with other people outside of school. When he graduated he tried to get a scholarship to go to college but was denied because he did not take his whole 4 years to learn as much as possible and although he was a high school graduate could not attend college. So he began to write short stories for a local magazine. He worked on a list of songs while doing this and sent them to a record company in hopes they would want to buy them for an artist. They never got back in touch with him. Eventually he was kicked out of his house by his mother. She was a pill abuser and on a high kicked him out one night for no reason that he would tell me. Homeless he spent 2 weeks on the streets trying to scramble up change just to go to a gas station and buy a powerbar and water. Sleeping under a parkbench and having one garbage bag of clothes he one day found himself a friend named mark. Mark was a christian man and took my father in and fed him. After eating very little for so long and then over eating at mark's house my father became sick and bed ridden. I should actually say couch ridden as thats where he slept. He had never known his father and stole marks credit card to use a people search to find him. After finding him he realized his father had a herione problem and was living in a small trailer and didnt want anything to do with the son he abandoned. After this my father tried to commit suicide and failed. In the hospital he realized he could make himself useful and sign in for the army. He signed up and was injured in battle. he recieved a purple heart and developed a drinking problem due to him feeling useless again. He met my mother who was a waitress and they got married and had me and my sister and know he lives a happy life.

How many penguin agents currently deployed are there?

This is all a lie. I made this up. I was bored and i like to write stories and i wanted to preform an experiment. Give me critique on the writing and whether u believed it or not. Do you believe everything everyone tells you?
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Re: Fathers lies

Post by tuck815 » Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:15 pm

i do its one of my flaws i always believe almost everything people tell me

nice work very good
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