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Post by KB » Mon May 09, 2011 7:13 pm

To whom it may concern,

I'm formally apologizing for my actions once and for all. Clearly, the two other bans didn't get through to me and I took my re-admittance for granted. The only thing I can do is to accept my punishment of being banned and take it like a man. I also apologize personally to whoever I've ever hurt over the course of my 4 year tenure in TPL. All I can ask is that TPL remember me as I was and for no one to hold grudges. Now, I know that's probably not going to happen. But, I do have some goodbyes for the members of TPL.

FM-Bro, you were with us from the very beginning. I always admired you and your sexy quest cape. Keep being a great leader and TPL with flourish even more.
EG-We didn't really talk much, but you seem like a great guy and you're a mad good RS player. Keep FM from establishing a dictatorship (:
TODD-Ah, the techie. You're a great player in my eyes, and you still owe me a P-Hat loan D: Keep cool dude.
REUB-You are an awesome HC. Plus, you have a great fashion sense. Stay awesome <3
COLTOR-You suck at Halo. Just saying ;D You taught me a lot about this game, and I respect you for it. <333
MUSE-The PK'ing genius. Best pk'er ever. Matt, you're a great kid and I hope you go somewhere with you're pk'ing.
LEXXI-You're fat. That's all. See you on facebook.
RAR-Epic warring dude, learned a ton about clan wars from you. Love you<3
ADAM-Already said my goodbye, I'll miss our sense of humour </3
DANNY-Swear to christ you look like Russell Brand. I know we're not on good terms, but you're a hell of a player and also a hell of a corper.
MORO-Also said my goodbyes to you. Bruins > Habs still <333
GM-Ima miss when you call me govey </3 You're awesome dude.
PENG-Mad respect to you and your Mining and Smithing capes. Keep in touch kthxbai.
GED-We'll always have that secret. I respect you regardless of it. Be gentle with her!
BOE-You were one of my favorite people to talk to. Always hockey talk, loved you for it. Go Yotes next year :happy:
AARON-Noob. Don't delete me on facebook <3
ARCHTYPE-You own for giving me Nomad luck <3333
SLIM-Get 99 Fishing kthxbai.
JARED-Jared, I'm truly sorry for all the pain I've caused you. You're 99 is way better than my two. Get Agility next <3
RALPHY-I'll deal with you later...
JAMIESON-We had our up and downs, and I'm glad we can still be friends. Maxed or gtfo.

If I missed anyone I'm sorry </3

Final goodbye. I wish this clan the utmost best in wherever it goes. Bon soir mes amies.


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Re: Apology

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