My YouTube st00f ;D

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My YouTube st00f ;D

Post by jimRsams » Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:11 am

I started a YouTube channel in the summer making random videos.
Started doing more and more ;D

So here's a list for you guys to check out (see if you're interested in any of them.) x)

Vlogs (named EpicVlogz) and also random IRL videos ;D ... re=related (Things we hate, walking home) ... re=related (In N Out adventure) (Things I Hate, huge list) ... re=related (Snow in Las Vegas)

Prank Calls (Walmart) (McDonalds)

Runescape Stuff ... re=related (Failed series idea, horrible acting) (10th Anniversary nonsense)

Dubs (My favorite things to do xD ) (Black Ops Trailer, basically replaced the song, and it worked PERFECTLY.) ... re=related (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood funny Dubs :DD ) (Black Ops funny Dub) :DD ... re=related (Halo Reach funny Dub) :DD

So that's a lot of my videos, click on my channel to go see more of em' !
Subscribe peoples! Peace out.

PS - I really want to make more Runescape videos involving the T P L members :)

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