Guide Tips, how to write one.

Feel free to make any guide that could possibly lead to an events.
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Guide Tips, how to write one.

Post by Cybe » Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:40 pm

.::How to Write a Guide::.

Guide: [n] something that instructs and offers basic information...
Therefore, guides should be in, quality over length...

In order to write a guide, you should find a good topic that you will write about.
Remember, guides are meant to teach and offer information that some of the clan-
mates will not know about. It isn't something you write for the sake of writing...
so topics such as "How to Create a New Account" are useless for this clan
seeing all of us know how...(I hope ) but topic such as "In's & Out's of Clan Wars"
"GWD Guides" are all great because they serve to instruct the rest of us what, how,
and where. Other than the topic, the rest of the guide should be of in
the content should be well organized as well as being written to its fullest...if a GWD
guide just contained, "1) Get your supplies ready 2) Kill the boss," that would be considered
a horrible guide... Although length doesn't mean much in a guide, its substance as
well as its content is the most important seeing guides are meant to teach.

The set-up of the guide (layout) is as important as the content itself although it can be
seen as superficial. However, if the guide is cluttered and messy, then it wont be as easy
to follow or even inviting to be read (and thus, fail as a guide-for who wants a guide that
you can barely follow?) It is generally a good idea to break the guide into parts such as

I. Introduction-this usually serves as a "hook" to your guide...people reading this will
generally get the idea of what your guide is about...also, this serves as the "preview" of
the rest of your guide, not just cotent but the quality as well. If the introduction of the guide
sounded like it was written by a second grade kid, I'm sure most of us wont expect to find
some quality guide for the rest of the guide.

II. Guide itself-this is where the guide should definitely broken down into parts that are
easy to read, find, and refer back to. For example, if writing a GWD Guide, it should be divided
up to "Boss/Place/NPCs Facts" "Requirements" "How to Get there" "What to Take" etc...Also,
another important thing about guides is Pictures. Pictures enable the reader to understand
exactly what the author is intending to say (if the author's language is not very clear) Another
good thing about pictures is that especially guides that have specifics as to places, the pictures
allow the reader to be at correct places and thus following your guide easier and efficient.

III. Ending-this is unnecessary, but if you'd like to credit some other players who had helped
you etc...this is where to do it. Also, this is where you will be summing up the whole of your guide

Even after dividing up the guide into sections, if the whole guide looks like a bunch of blocks of
texts, it still loses its appeal and even clarity (in seeing). Therefore, bolding some words to indicate
the difference in the blocks of texts is ideal and indenting sections of text to indicate that it goes under
the same header is also ideal.

Anyways, enjoy writing those guides and sorry if this little guide was ineffective
I am still learning as well But the thing is...I don't need to write a guide when I have no
information to share but if you do, please write guides for the rest of The Phoenix Legions

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